$25 per entry

  • 100 total entries (entries are still available, contact us)
  • Numbers are picked at random by raffle before the Championship game ( to be announced – follow us on facebook )

Details / Rules

  • Going down the side is one team playing in the championship and across the top is the other.
  • After all the squares are filled in numbers will be drawn randomly. The first randomly drawn numbers go down and the second randomly drawn numbers go across (see example completed board below)
  • Each square has two numbers (one from the side column and one from the top row). So for example the number one square has zero for Georgia and five for Alabama (see example board below).
  • If Georgia has a zero and Alabama has a five in their score the person in number one will win… So for example say the score is Alabama 25 Georgia 0 then the number one square wins that.
  • Another example would be you are square #15 and your numbers are georgia 5, alabama 8. if the score is 25-18 you win.
  • Numbers are not added to the board until all squares all sold…that way it is pure luck of random draw…
  • ** Contact us if you have any questions about entries or rules!**
  • ** No two people will have the same numbers**
  • ** This is only for the NCAA Championship game **
  • Contact us to enter