Coach Markos joined Steve Novotney on Lede News Friday, May 28th to update the Wheeling community on Team 304 and this weekend’s Under Armour Tournament of Champion at the Highlands Sports Complex. Coach Markos and Lede News host Steve Novotney discussed sports, youth basketball and Team 304 events including this weekend’s tournament schedule and our recent tryouts. We appreciate the opportunity to share our progress and be sure to visit Lede News for more information on the show.

The Under Armour Tournament of Champions will be held at the Highlands Sports Complex this Saturday and Sunday. Thank you for the continued support from the Wheeling community, Team 304 staff, volunteers and sponsors.

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Steve Novotney Lives – May 28, 2021 – Hour #1

3 p.m. – Remi Markos has developed Team 304, and the basketball players will be in action this weekend. Remi will tell us about the players, the schedule, and the overall goals involved with the program.

Posted by Lede News on Friday, May 28, 2021