About Team 304

Team 304 is an official AAU boys & girls basketball team from Wheeling, WV.  We offer basketball skill-training, clinics/camps, and provide college scouting and college recruiting advice to our student-atheletes. We also provide individual one-on-one & group training sessions (virtual sessions are available) for a small fee. 

We are a grass-roots organization made up of parent volunteers, student-athletes, veteran athletic coaches, and contributors. Team 304 is a 503c non-profit organization (AAU Club Code: W3685E), and we rely on generous donations from our sponsors and support from the community.

You can be anything you strive to be, if you put your mind to it!
Remington Markos

Head Coach & Founder, Team 304

Coach Remington Markos Walking Clap
Coach Remington Markos Walking Clap (sm)

The Team 304 Squad Provides:

  • Youth Mentoring
  • Life Skills Teaching
  • Basketball Skills-Training
  • Virtual Training Available
  • AAU (Travel-Ball options)
  • College Recruiting Counseling & Advice
Team 304 Squad Wheeling WV AAU Basketball

Learn the game and workout with both current and former college/high school basketball coaches, and the hottest local AAU program! Join us and find out what separates us from the rest! #Team304

– Coach Remi Markos

Middle-Schoolers Training Session with Coach Joey & Coach Remi (Future Team 304)
Team 304 Squad Team Photo
WV High School Team Workout
Coach Remi Walking Clap 2
WV High School Team Workout 2
High School Team Workout 3
Coach Remi & Future Team 304 Middle School Players
Coach Remi in the Huddle

Meet the Coach:

Remington Markos

Remington Markos

Team 304 Head Basketball Coach & Founder

Coach Markos is a Wheeling WV & Waldorf MD native. He currently resides in Wheeling. He is the active Penn State York Assistant Recruiting Coordinator.
(304) 639-7028
[email protected]

Big-time hoops in WV!!

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COACHES: What are you reading this summer?

Here is my first batch of 9 books I am reading this summer. A few of these are so good I re-read them each summer.

1: Attitude by @CoachJayWright

2: It Takes What It Takes by @TrevorMoawad

3: The Twin Thieves by ...@SteveJonesSPK and

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Can’t just be a controlled workout or training session.
Got to put in some work on your own S & conditioning and skill work!!‼️🏀
Happy 4th! 🇺🇸

If you’re not making 250 shots every day, dribbling for 15 minutes on your own, running 4-8 hill sprints, and jogging at least 1.25 miles four days a week, you’re not serious.

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Very proud of this one. Followed the plan and is getting to live out his dream as a college athlete! Can’t wait to attend games!

On Juneteenth, we commemorate the anniversary of the delayed news of freedom reaching the enslaved people of Galveston, Texas. Let’s keep building on the work of the generations who came before us and making sure that the arc of the moral universe continues to bend towards

Young players listen up

This is the mentality that is going to keep Haliburton at the top of the game for a long time

"In a world that's so me, me, me, I just want the focus to be on our team”

The time Jerry West left the media silent in his defense of LeBron James:

“It’s ridiculous… It’s hard for me to believe that someone doesn’t recognize his greatness… This guy does everything. He’s like a Swiss Army knife.”

Big-time hoops in WV!!

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WVU is the only school in the country that can claim this.

We have a player that is THE NBA logo.
We have a player who won an NBA championship as a player AND executive.
And now we have a player to win an NBA title as a head coach.

How wild is that?